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Considering dental implants?

Here at Honeysuckle Dental, we know just how uncomfortable missing teeth can be.

By using revolutionary dental implants, we offer our patients in Newcastle a chance to smile again. There are a number of reasons that we can lose our teeth and the result is never a pleasant one either from an aesthetic or functional perspective. Dental implants have helped thousands of people rediscover the joy of smiling freely and dramatically improved not only their dental health but their general health as well. There any number of reasons that we end up losing our teeth, sometimes through trauma or gum disease or even just the passing of time.

What many people don’t know is just how damaging it can be to leave missing teeth untreated, dental implants address the problems left by the loss of one or many teeth. From our modern, purpose built practice here in Newcastle, we deliver the very highest standards of dental treatment and care. We pride ourselves on providing quality care that is professional and compassionate throughout our comprehensive range of treatments including dental implants. Our focus is on being progressive and attentive and we make use of the very latest technologies and techniques that the dental industry has to offer to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

So what are dental implants?

Dental implants refer to the screws made from titanium alloy that are surgically placed into your jawbone and act as an anchor for porcelain crowns and veneers. The reason dental implants are created from titanium alloy is that it is biocompatible with the bone matter in your jaw and is incredibly durable. Dental implants are not only the most popular method for treating tooth loss and its effects but also the most effective. As we mentioned earlier, many patients will only want to replace missing teeth because of their role in the appearance of your smile but dental implants can reverse the negative effects on your health and the signs of early ageing associated with tooth loss.

These dental implants actually fuse with your jawbone and become a working piece of your dental mechanics as well as dramatically improving the appearance of your smile. When we create your dental implants, we do so using the very best materials and they are custom-made to seamlessly fit in with the rest of your smile.

The dental implant process

It is important to note that before you begin to consider dental implants that we will need to assess you thoroughly in order to discern whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. During your initial consultation, we will determine if you have the necessary amount of jawbone in which to place your dental implant. We will also need to clear you of any gum disease and any other concerns that may jeopardise the success of your dental implant surgery.

The dental implant process happens in two stages, namely the dental implant fixture stage and the restoration stage. During the first stage, your dental implant is embedded into your jawbone in the place where your missing tooth used to be and will eventually fuse straight into the bone matter itself. During the second stage, we will create your prosthetics, a porcelain crown or veneer, to match the rest of your smile. Before this happens, you may need some time to heal and it is possible that this period can take a few months. Once this healing has occurred, we can attach your prosthetic tooth to your dental implant and complete the full restoration of your missing tooth.

To find out more about our dental implant treatments, or to make an appointment with us, please click here.

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