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Fastbraces® review – do they work?

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To save you reading the whole article to find your answer, the short answer is YES. This, of course, depends on your individual orthodontic needs.

What are Fastbraces® – do they work?

The invention of Fastbraces® came about to provide people with a cheaper and more convenient alternative to conventional braces. And over the past quarter-century, Fastbraces® have done exactly this and allowed thousands of patients to benefit from the technology.

How do Fastbraces® work?

To align and straighten a smile, both the root and crown of the tooth must be correctly aligned. Traditional braces have a square shape and a mechanical nature that works to move the crown and root separately over a number of years. Fastbraces® in comparison has a triangular shape, this modern structure doubles the distance of wire between the brace pieces, allowing the root and crown to be adjusted simultaneously from the start of treatment.

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Image from Fastbraces® website  – https://fastbraces.com/science_and_biology

Why are people choosing Fastbraces ®?

Comfort, reduced treatment time and affordability are at the front of the list. The advanced orthodontic mechanics that are behind Fastbraces® technology make the treatment process more comfortable and visually appealing. The treatment time is also dramatically reduced, which is a huge bonus.

Because of this, Fastbraces® is helping to expand the demographic of people who are receiving orthodontic treatment. The reduced treatment time and visual improvements are making Fastbraces® popular for adults as well as kids and adolescents.

Suitability and tailored treatment

It is essential to do your homework and schedule a consultation with a dental professional you can trust. Fastbraces® has been used to treat a wide range of oral issues and defects such as bite problems, misaligned teeth, spaces and other blemishes, but it is important to ensure that Fastbraces® is the suitable treatment for each individual case.

For someone with extensive dental issues, traditional braces or separate orthodontic treatment may be required. This judgement should only be made by a dental professional. There are a number of steps you can take to assist in this process.

  • Firstly you need to find a Fastbraces® provider
  • Secondly, you should receive consultation from the provider or dental professional. Here you will find if Fastbraces® technology is the most suitable treatment to correct your particular dental issue
  • Thirdly, a tailored treatment plan will be constructed to help you achieve the results you’re after

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment and would like to know more about fast braces® technology, Honeysuckle Dental would be happy to provide you with some further information.

Head over to our webpage or check our specific Fastbraces® page for more information.


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