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Looking after your kids’ teeth

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Four steps to get your kids on track to healthy teeth and a happy smile

Immediately after birth, your child’s brain starts developing at an extremely fast rate. Just like a sponge, the brain of a child is ready to soak up information and learn absolutely anything and everything at a fast pace.

This is the perfect time to help your child develop routines and strategies that will build the foundation for positive dental care. Honeysuckle Dental have put together four points to help you get your kids on track to healthy teeth and a happy smile.

Brushing – Make it a habit

As your child begins to develop basic coordination skills, it’s time to get them brushing! You should assist them until they have developed the skills required to brush their own teeth competently. This is generally around the same time they are able to tie their own shoes and use a knife and fork.

Most importantly, get your child into the habit of brushing every morning and every evening.

Make it fun and enjoyable

Brush your teeth with your children and make it fun!

A child will find visually observing the process much more beneficial than receiving verbal instruction alone. Brush your teeth with your children, allow them to observe and brush at the same time while you give instruction.

Do whatever it takes to make the process fun:

  • Sing songs about cleaning teeth
  • Play a game that makes the process enjoyable
  • Buy them a cool toothbrush


Children are much more likely to continue brushing their teeth regularly as they grow if they recall the experience as enjoyable rather than boring.

Encourage a healthy diet

Encouraging your children to have a healthy diet is just as important as dental maintenance. It’s no surprise that foods which make up a balanced nutritional diet are also the ones that give us healthy teeth, especially in a child’s growth phase.

Fill the lunchbox with healthy snack alternatives like fruit and avoid unhealthy junk foods wherever possible.

Start regular dental visits

It is recommended that your child should visit the dentist within six months of their first tooth emerging, or by the time they are twelve months old.

If you do not like going to the dentist your child will likely feel the same. It’s never too late to develop a positive attitude toward visiting the dentist.

Children’s Dentist Newcastle

Honeysuckle Dental is a proud provider of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, giving financial support for basic dental care to eligible children between the ages of 2 to 17.

To find out more about the Child Dental Benefits Schedule check out the children’s dental section on our website or contact us today.

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