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How missing teeth can affect your face shape

First impressions are important. A contributor to first impressions is the symmetry of your face as well as your smile. However, having missing teeth could ruin that important first impression you would like to make.

What factors contribute to your face shape?

There are three main factors that determine what kind of face shape you fall under. Factors to take into consideration are what part of your face is the widest? What is the shape of your jaw? What is the length of your face?

How do your teeth structure your face?

Underbite, overbite, crooked teeth and misaligned jaws can all contribute to the shape of your face and its symmetry. The more symmetrical the face is, the better looking it is perceived to be by others. Teeth help to maintain the length of the face as well as the structure of the jawbone. Shorter teeth due to excessive grinding can cause asymmetry in the face, while a collapsing bite can cause the jaw to move forward and for the face to take on a sunken and hollow appearance.

How do missing teeth affect your face shape?

Teeth help to separate the two jawbones and lengthen the face, if you open your mouth wide and then close it the first thing your mouth will hit is teeth. If those teeth are not there then you will be able to close your mouth even further. Over time, missing teeth will cause the jawbone to get smaller and the face will develop a more compressed look.

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Many people think that missing teeth, especially back molars are no big deal. Just because they may not be easily seen by others they are still crucial to the structure of the face and jaw. The back teeth are responsible for maintaining your jawline and the structure of the jaw whilst the front teeth aid in supporting the muscles of your face.

Are my teeth able to shift and affect my bite?

When a tooth is missing sometimes the neighbouring teeth will drift into the missing spot. This drifting can cause the top teeth and the bottom teeth to misalign, resulting in a deeper bite and a shorter face.  Cavities can also eat away at your tooth structure and result in your bite collapsing.

How do missing teeth affect the jawbone?

The roots of your teeth stimulate the jawbone when you chew. When the roots of the tooth embedded in the jawbone no longer serve a purpose, the bone matter begins to deteriorate. The breakdown of bone matter in the jawbone can potentially lead to the jawbone losing its shape and shrinking. Your jawbone plays a significant role in the shape of your face and when altered can throw the face into a slightly more asymmetrical aesthetic.

What is the most effective solution for missing teeth?

Dentures and bridges are a potential solution for replacing the appearance of missing teeth and aiding in maintaining facial structure, however dental implants are the most effective solution. Implants provide the much-needed stimulation to the jawbone due to the fact that they are almost always embedded into the bone itself. The frame of the implant imitates the natural tooth’s root and functions with similar strength and compatibility as your natural tooth would.  If you are missing any teeth it is important to consult your dentist immediately on the best course of action.

How can I avoid losing my teeth in the first place?

Taking the responsible steps needed to maintain your oral hygiene can prevent infection as well as tooth decay. Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth will help to prevent plaque build-up and infection of the gums. Regular dental check-ups with the team at Honeysuckle Dental will ensure that your oral condition is medically healthy and that any potential problems are nipped in the bud. The qualified team at Honeysuckle Dental will be able to advise you on how to take care of your specific smile and advise you on any procedures you may need.

Give the team at Honeysuckle Dental a call on (02) 4915 9230 to book an appointment to ensure that your oral health is in good condition and find out whether you will ever need to worry about missing teeth.


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