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Why Oil pulling shouldn’t replace your dentist

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If you search “oil pulling” on Google over 7 million results come up, with an alarming number of these results claiming they don’t need to see their dentist anymore. A number of these results even claim oil pulling “healed” their cavities. The downside to this is that oil pulling isn’t…

Laser dentistry and how regular check-ups are better for your general health

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Honeysuckle Dental have helped thousands of patients receive the dental care they need. From general dentistry through to restorative and cosmetic dentistry, our friendly team can help you. Receiving the treatment you need One of the biggest problems in treating oral health in Australia at the moment is patient education.…

What are the best teeth whitening options?

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Teeth whitening is an area of cosmetic dentistry rapidly growing in popularity. Why? It’s relatively cheap and can produce instant results. As you might have guessed, the rise in demand has caused a rise in the product. Unfortunately, all teeth whitening products do not guarantee the same quality results. The…

Fastbraces® review – do they work?

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To save you reading the whole article to find your answer, the short answer is YES. This, of course, depends on your individual orthodontic needs. What are Fastbraces® - do they work? The invention of Fastbraces® came about to provide people with a cheaper and more convenient alternative to conventional…

Looking after your kids’ teeth

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Four steps to get your kids on track to healthy teeth and a happy smile Immediately after birth, your child’s brain starts developing at an extremely fast rate. Just like a sponge, the brain of a child is ready to soak up information and learn absolutely anything and everything at…

Everything you should know about a smile makeover

laser dentistry

When you are considering a smile makeover, there are some things you should know At Honeysuckle Dental we are passionate about dramatically enhancing the appearance of our patients’ smiles. We pride ourselves on offering a smile makeover treatment package as this allows our patients to improve a number of different…

Are you unhappy with your dentist and living on the Central Coast?

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At Honeysuckle Dental in Newcastle, we have a number of patients driving down from the Central Coast to see Dr Andrew Nixon Dr Nixon and our team offer a wide range of treatments to suit the needs of all of our patients across Newcastle, the Central Coast, Singleton, Maitland and…

Transform your smile in 2015

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If you have been concerned about the appearance of your teeth, perhaps 2015 is the year to change that From our state-of-the-art dental practice on Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, partnered with the latest dental technology. Choosing a treatment that is right for…

The secret to a glowing summer

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Feel great on your skin as the weather heats up Are you craving that bronzed, dewy glow that seems to embody summer? Honeysuckle Dental in Newcastle has a few tips so you can enjoy a glowing summer.   Drink plenty of water Hydration is always the key, especially in the…

The essential spring carnival trends

spring carnival trends banner

Staying stylish on the track this spring Spring has sprung, and so has racing season. Honeysuckle Dental in Newcastle has been buzzing with pre-race excitement and we want to help our patients look and feel their best when they hit the track. In order to keep up with the latest…

The ultimate smile survival guide

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Honeysuckle Dental’s ultimate survival guide to a beautiful smile for life Keeping a beautiful set of pearly whites can be easier than you think; sometimes it’s just about knowing the tricks of the trade. To keep you smiling all summer long our team at Honeysuckle Dental in Newcastle have compiled…

What does a smiling emoticon really mean?

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An emoticon is a metacommunicative pictorial representation of a facial expression During the last few years emoticons have dramatically changed the way we communicate digitally. So why do so many of us feel the need to add an emoticon, or at least a representation of emotion, at the end of…

Chew on this

Honeysuckle Dental

Think twice before you chew Sugar seems to cop most of the blame when it comes to damaging foods for your teeth and as dental professionals here at Honeysuckle Dental we really can’t argue with that. In saying this, your diet is intrinsically linked to your oral health. This means…

Relax – Dental drills, needles and anxiety can be a thing of the past with laser dentistry.

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Forget dental anxiety in our harbourside dental suite with our state-of-the-art dental lasers Our team of dental professionals pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of developments within the dental industry. From our Honeysuckle Drive dental suite we strive to provide our patients with the most innovative and effective dental care available.…

Treating dental pain

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Helping you manage and eliminate dental pain At Honeysuckle Dental we promote the importance of providing our patients with all the information and care they need in order to help ease the dental pain. At our relaxing dental suite on Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle, we offer compassionate dental care, partnered with…

Starting your child on the right tooth

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Your child’s dental health can play a pivotal role in the condition of their future adult smile Our dental professionals at Honeysuckle Dental on Honeysuckle Drive in Newcastle are committed to helping children smile wider with excellent dental health and a beautiful smile. A healthy adult smile is often achieved with a…

Dental implants restore form and function to your smile

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Unlike other forms of restorative treatment, dental implants provide support to your jaw, your bite and are practically indistinguishable from your natural teeth Dental Implant treatment is currently the only whole-tooth restoration. Unlike dentures, dental implant treatment replaces both the tooth root and the crown. By restoring the root of…

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