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What is laser dentistry?

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If your main reason for not booking your filling appointment has something to do with needle induced anxiety, you’ve come to the right place. Laser dentistry is a holistic approach to dentistry. Honeysuckle Dental is well versed in laser dentistry, meaning we’re able to perform those typically uncomfortable procedures without the uncomfortable elements. Laser dentistry eliminates the use of other dental tools like scalpels, drills, and needles. It is the highly favoured way to get dental work done for nervous patients, or even patients who aren’t nervous but prefer a less intrusive experience at the dentist.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is performed with the use of strong, concentrated, beams of light energy targeting the treatment area of the patients mouth or teeth. They are easy tools for a dentist to use and can make careful incisions, vaporize tissue, remove tooth decay, and remove soft tissue from gums.

Is it safe?

Laser dentistry is an extremely advantageous way of receiving treatments. Lasers have been used in dentistry since the 90’s and have shown exceptional results during and post treatment. Here are some reasons why laser dentistry is preferred by patients:

  • Laser dentistry eliminates the use of dental drills and needles in the treatment.
  • Laser dentistry is so precise. It hones in on the targeted area only, minimising the possibility for the surrounding areas to be affected.
  • Lasers are especially effective dental tools because they sterilise the areas in contact which can prevent bacterial infections.
  • Lasers promote blood clotting, therefore, there is much less bleeding involved.
  • Following the treatment, patients require much less time to recover and wounds heal faster.

Our laser dentistry:

Our practice offers the use of lasers for several of our treatments including:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Restoration dentistry (root canal therapy)
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Hard tissue surgery
  • Laser periodontics (gum treatments)

We currently have three laser tools at our practice which are specialised towards different treatments.

Er Yag Laser:  A laser which we use to perform soft tissue surgery and fillings. This laser is able to perform treatments without the need for local anaesthesia. Er Yag also allows us to do multiple fillings in the mouth in a single visit.

This laser is especially nice for patients because without the use of anaesthesia and the precision of this tool, patients are able to leave the appointment without experiencing that numb mouth feeling.

KTP Laser: This laser is used for teeth whitening treatments as well as for soft tissue surgery. This laser does require local anaesthetic for soft tissue surgery. However, considering the precision and caustic abilities of the laser, the patient will experience minimal bleeding and a very short recovery time following treatment.

PAD Laser: This laser is a quick and minimally invasive disinfection tool. It is used for some restorative dentistry treatments, root canals, and gum disease treatments. Similarly, to the other ones, this laser enables short recovery periods and minimal damage to the mouth post treatment.

Contact us

If you’re still thinking laser dentistry sounds too good to be true, have a chat with us about it! And if you’re interested in choosing laser dentistry for your next dental treatment, book a consultation with us to discover your options. Dr Nixon and the rest of the team at Honeysuckle Dental will be happy to discuss more with you.

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