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Veneers Newcastle NSW

Recapture your smile’s appearance and health with veneers or dental bonding

At Honeysuckle Dental in Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle, we prioritise our patient’s happiness and dental health. We offer veneers and dental bonding to help our patients restore or enhance their smile’s shape, colour and overall appearance.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are custom made shell like restorations that are placed seamlessly over your natural tooth. As your veneers are custom made to fit your teeth they will blend in naturally into your smile.

Veneers can address:

  • Tooth discolouration
  • Chips, cracks and tooth damage
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Spaces or gaps between the teeth
  • Teeth with damaged enamel

Due to our commitment to remain in-touch with the latest technological developments in dentistry Honeysuckle Dental now offers Edelweiss composite veneers.  These progressive veneers allow our team to offer you a safe and affordable restoration that appears and feels exactly like your other teeth.  Composite veneers are also favourable as they are arguably more durable than painted on composite alternatives as well as cost effective.

We also offer the highest quality Emax porcelain veneers. The Emax veneers are thinner than many other types of porcelain veneers and are extremely hard wearing. Our team will custom design your veneers to match seamlessly into your smile or to discreetly enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Placing a dental veneer

After we have taken an impression of your teeth and custom designed a veneer that is perfectly matched to your tooth’s shape and your aesthetic goals, our dental professionals will gently buff the surface of your tooth or the teeth receiving veneers. Once a very small amount of the enamel has been removed the veneer can be comfortably placed and bonded to your natural tooth.

Veneers Newcastle

In order to be a suitable candidate for dental veneers you will require a sufficient amount of healthy tooth. During your initial consultation our dental professionals will assess your teeth and discuss with you the overall desired appearance of your smile in order to identify whether veneers are suitable for you.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the perfect solution for cosmetically enhancing your teeth or restoring decaying teeth. Dental bonding can be used to change the colour of your teeth or even reshape them. During the dental bonding procedure we can lighten various tooth stains, close minor gaps in your teeth or correct crooked teeth.

Dental bonding is suitable for correcting cosmetic imperfections in your smile and is often the simplest and most cost effective option to quickly improve your smile. During your appointment our dentists can walk you through the procedure and discuss restoring your smile with dental bonding.

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