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Laser Dentistry

The latest in laser dentistry

The team here at Honeysuckle Dental makes use of the advances provided by modern dental technology. From our state-of-the-art practice in Honeysuckle Drive we offer the most innovative dental laser developments available.

Laser technology has recently transformed the way in which many can receive dental treatment. We use a wide range of dental lasers to ensure your visit here at our practice is a pleasant one. Forget the use of needles and drills, laser dentistry allows us to give you your best smile without the commonly associated discomfort of scalpels.

A variety of laser equipment to keep you smiling

The latest developments in dental laser technology have benefitted a number of different dental specialisations, including cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. There are a variety of dental procedures that have been diversified and simplified with the use of lasers. Our practice is equipped with three different lasers that can offer you effective results, with increased efficiency and reduced healing time.

Our dental lasers can be used in:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Restorations such as fillings and root canal therapy
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Hard tissue surgery
  • Laser periodontics (gum) treatment

ErYag Laser: The ErYag Laser allows us to perform fillings and soft tissue surgery without the need for local anaesthesia. One of the major advantages of the ErYag laser is that fillings can be completed in more than one area of the mouth in a single visit without the feeling of numbness associated with a local anaesthetic.

KTP Laser: The KTP laser is used during the SmartBleach teeth whitening procedure and for soft tissue surgery. Local anaesthetic is required for soft tissue surgery when using the KTP laser.

PAD Laser: PAD stands for Photo Activated Disinfection and is a fast and minimally invasive disinfection system. It is used in root canals, gum disease and some restorative dentistry treatments.

Needle-free and drill-free

The use of dental lasers can minimise or completely eliminate the need for needles and dental drills. Our team, equipped with our dental lasers, have the ability to perform many different procedures now without the common discomfort associated with needles and drills. For nervous patients, who might find the thought of needles daunting, this is a way that you can achieve the treatment you desire without anxiety. You won’t have the fear of needles holding your back when going in for treatment.

Safe and effective results

The use of dental laser equipment is completely safe and can be extremely beneficial when considering the results and overall outcomes. Dental lasers have widened our ability to transform smiles, as well as often improve the end result. The time it takes our team to perform dental treatments is also often reduced with the use of dental lasers. With the assistance of dental lasers the accuracy of our treatments is precise.

Reduced healing time

For treatments such as reshaping gummy smiles the replacement of a traditional scalpel for a dental laser can provide numerous benefits. Due to the pinpoint accuracy of our lasers, the soft tissues in your mouth can often heal faster than if they were treated with a scalpel. Our dental lasers can also help to provide you with a dental treatment that is often bloodless and virtually pain-free.

During your comprehensive consultation our team can discuss with you how dental lasers can benefit your smile.

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