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White Fillings

Restore your tooth’s health subtly

At Honeysuckle Dental our dental professionals strive to restore teeth back to their original health. Unsightly and potentially harmful silver fillings are now often considered outdated with the development of modern white, tooth coloured fillings. There are a number of reasons why correcting tooth decay is advantageous and with our white fillings, we can correct the damage inconspicuously.

The process of receiving white filings

During your initial consultation, our dental professionals will assess the condition of your teeth. If our dentists identify tooth decay they will determine the degree of damage and discuss if you are a suitable candidate for a filling.

The process of receiving white fillings should be both efficient and comfortable. Your specific level of tooth decay will determine the time it will take to receive your restoration. In most cases, you will be able to receive your white filling in as little as 25 minutes.

Initially, your tooth will be cleaned and prepared and you will receive the adequate pain management control to ensure that you are comfortable and at ease through your procedure. In order to restore your tooth to its former health, our dental professionals must remove the decaying part of the tooth. Once the tooth is prepared our dental professionals will place the white filling and bond it to your tooth.

Advantages of white fillings

White fillings are a beneficial restoration for tooth decay for a number of other reasons. We provide white fillings for patients as they are mercury-free and require less removal of your tooth structure. Another benefit of white tooth coloured fillings is that they restore most of the original strength of your teeth. Older style amalgam fillings can weaken your teeth, making them more susceptible to breakage.

Aesthetically white fillings can be beneficial as they blend in with your natural tooth. This means that your restoration is unnoticeable to the naked eye and thus you can correct your dental health discreetly.

Why you should correct tooth decay

Tooth decay can be problematic to both the health and appearance of your tooth for a number of reasons. As tooth decay progresses your tooth becomes in danger of worsening to the point where it may require removal. Serious decay can also prompt tooth loss, which can ultimately cause other teeth to shift out of place in order to compensate for the new gap. Correcting tooth loss is a far more extensive procedure in comparison to receiving a filling which it is why it is important to correct decay as soon as possible. By receiving a regular six month check-up our dental team here at Honeysuckle Dental can help safeguard your smile against the development of tooth decay.

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