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Virtually Pain Free Dentistry / Sedation

Dentistry at its finest

Are you scared of the dentist? Hate the sound of dental drills?

The friendly team at Honeysuckle Dental can help.

With the advances in modern dental technology, your visit to see our dental professionals here at our conveniently located dental suite in Honeysuckle Drive can be relaxed and comfortable. Our team provides a range of virtually pain free treatment options so there is no need to have dental anxiety when achieving your perfect smile.

During your initial consolation our dental professionals can discuss with you your treatment options dependent on what is it you would like to achieve aesthetically and the condition of your oral health. We offer a number of different pain management options to suit your particular treatment, ensuring that you experience virtually pain free dentistry.

IV sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is a form of sedation dentistry where medications are given to patients through their vein by an anaesthetist. It is sometimes called conscious or twilight sedation. It is the most predictable form of sedation where small amounts of medications are administered till the desired state of drowsiness is achieved. With IV sedation, all of your reflexes remain intact meaning you will be able to breathe normally. This is simpler than a general anaesthetic where an anaesthetist would need to provide assistance with your breathing.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation is prescribed by dentists to relieve anxiety in the hours leading up to a dental appointment. It is usually administered in the form of anti-anxiety pills. During your dental treatment, you will be escorted by our friendly staff to the dental treatment area and seated in the dental chair. The anaesthetist will carefully monitor your vital signs during the entire treatment. The primary reason oral sedation is recommended is to reduce anxiety during your dental treatment and does not specifically provide any pain relieving qualities. It is usually used in conjunction with other sedation dentistry treatments.

Don’t hesitate to receive the dental work you require to achieve a beautiful smile and optimal oral health because of dental anxiety. With our virtually pain free dentistry we can ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. Once our team has assessed your oral concern we can prescribe you with the specific pain management option that is best suited to you.

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