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Tongue tie and lip tie

Are you finding breastfeeding your baby difficult? Is baby having a hard time latching on? Your baby might have tongue-tie or lip-tie.

Honeysuckle Dental in Newcastle offer tongue-tie treatment for your baby. Our treatments can:

  • Restore the full motion of lips and tongue.
  • Enables your baby to swallow and suckle properly.
  • Can be performed from our practice.
  • Doesn’t involve surgery. Instead we use a soft tissue laser.
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Tongue tie only affects 3-4% of babies and can be treated without the need for sutures.

What are tongue-tie and lip-tie?

Tongue-tie affects between 3 and 4% of Australian babies. These issues occur when the soft tissue (fraenum) which attaches the lips and the tongue to the gums either restricts movement or is abnormally short. This rare abnormality often causes babies to have difficulty with breastfeeding because they can’t latch on properly due to their inability to form the right mouth shape.

Babies who have tongue-tie are also likely to have difficulty breathing and swallowing as their tongue is unable to perform its proper function.

Symptoms of tongue-tie and lip-tie

More and more parents are becoming aware of tongue-tie and lip-tie as well as the problems it can cause their baby and the mother. But it’s not always an easy problem to diagnose. Here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Poor weight gain
  • Pain or discomfort during feeding for the mother
  • Baby has trouble latching on
  • Excessive reflux or colic
  • Cracked, sore or bleeding nipples

Treating tongue-tie and lip-tie

There are two treatment options for tongue and lip-tie. The traditional method involved cutting the fraenum with a scalpel; what this meant was a patient would have to be put under local anaesthetic and then the fraenum would be cut and sutured.

For this procedure, a patient would need to sit perfectly still which generally meant that babies would have to be put under general anaesthetic. The second treatment option, which is less invasive, less painful and doesn’t require sutures, is a soft tissue laser.

Soft tissue laser

At Honeysuckle Dental in Newcastle we use the soft tissue laser to provide patients with an effective treatment. The soft tissue laser means treatment is carried out quickly and with very little discomfort.

Once your baby has been treated with the soft tissue laser, they should have full function of their lips and tongue. Which means they should be able to breastfeed normally again, and any other difficulties associated with tongue-tie or lip-tie should be reduced.

When can this procedure be performed?

The soft tissue laser can be performed on babies up to 10 months old.  After this age, treatment becomes more complicated as the mouth and jaws start to develop.

Does tongue and lip tie only affect babies?

These conditions are present in infancy, and if not treated can lead to serious discomfort with:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Speech
  • Development of teeth

Tongue tie and lip tie Newcastle

With an increased awareness around tongue-tie and lip-tie, more doctors are able to detect this when the baby is born. However, if it hasn’t been detected in the early stages but you are noticing your baby has trouble breastfeeding, swallowing or breathing, you should visit Honeysuckle Dental in Newcastle today.

To find out more information, or to book a consultation, contact us today.

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